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About the Company

Greenville Theatre Works started in 2019 thanks to the efforts of Pip Bickford & Kevin Banks. In 2022, the company became a non-profit community theatre serving the Greenville area. The company has produced seven shows since 2019 and in 2023 we produced five shows. Our 2024 season will feature four amazing shows. We're now seeking volunteers to join our community of theatre-makers here in Greenville. We hope YOU will join us and be part of GTW!

Board of Directors

Our current board of directors is working to grow GTW into a broad, community-minded theatre company that creates engaging stories for all people in our beautiful Texas hometown.


2022-23 Board Members

President - James Owsley

Secretary - Britney Spindle

Treasurer - LaNell Brown

Treasurer - Lori Ulmer

Member - Jay Johnson

Member - Heather McBay

Member - Bill Trelc

Member - Randal Doud

Member - Madison Freeman

Member - Bryan Beckner

Member - Avery Arnold

Member - Douglas Rawdah

Member - Kat Elliott

Interested in becoming a board member to help us grow? Please contact us at

Artistic Director

Micah McBay

I'm so glad you found our website and our company. The goal of GTW is to provide a welcoming, inclusive space to create engaging theatre for our community. The best way to support our work is buying tickets for shows and donating to the company. Another great way is to audition for shows or help with crew. 

As we work together to create theatre for our community, we are also building a family of artists who support one another through this work. Creating art takes immense courage and energy and having a group of supportive people around you helps everyone grow together. 

I hope to see you soon at one of our shows, auditions, or work days, and thank you for supporting community theatre here in Greenville!

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