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The Dixie Swim Club
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Monday 2/24   6-9pm
Tuesday 2/25   6-9pm
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Greenville Christian School 
8420 Jack Finney Blvd 
Greenville, TX 75402
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The Dixie Swim Club

5-9 Female

Each cast member will portray her character at age 44, 49, 54.

We would like to cast separate actors to portray the characters at the age of 77.  

Sheree – Female - Late 30s to early 50s

The spunky, perennial team captain, desperately trying to maintain her organized and “perfect” life.  Although her boundless energy and her ever present Pocket Scheduler occasionally drive them a bit crazy, her friends know that they can always count on her unwavering support.  

Dinah – Female - Late 30s to early 50s

The wisecracking overachiever, a career dynamo whose victories in the courtroom are sometimes in stark contrast to the frustrations of her personal life. Armed with a dry martini and an even drier sense of humor, she seldom reveals her softer side, even to her lifelong circle of friends.

Lexie – Female - Late 30s to early 50s

The pampered and outspoken event planner determined to hold on to her looks and youth for as long as possible. She enjoys being married… over and over and over again and she can be counted on to share the hilarious tales of her romantic exploits much to the delight of group.

Vernadette – Female - Late 30s to early 50s

The rural housewife who is acutely aware of the dark cloud that hovers over her life. She has decided to just give in and embrace the chaos. She faces her tribulations with gallows humor and the unwavering support of group.

Jeri Neal – Female - Late 30s to early 50s

The most sheltered, but the sweetest and most eager-to-please member of the group. She is perky and naïve and always see the positive side of everything.  Predictable on the surface, she continually makes life choices that amaze her friends.

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